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In the world of compact SUV’s, to say that a consumer is spoiled for choice would be an understatement. Years ago car manufacturers realised that the normal SUV was found to be cumbersome for some buyers, some felt nervous to drive something so “big” so they rather opted for a sedan or an MPV. This left a gap open for a smaller sized SUV that would share many characteristics of a normal SUV and even perform like one(even though most SUV’s only climb pavements). So our friends at the various manufacturing houses released vehicles such as the BMW X3, the Audi Q5 and the VW Tiguan to name a few.


BMW M3 Driven

M-Tastic Bmw Driven(in)

It’s a pity we’re not a more established online magazine, the reason why I say that is because currently we are hulk green with jealousy because of all the BMW M4 reviews that are happening, if we were more established we would haveĀ  confidently gone to BMW South Africa and said “keys please!” and without hesitation they would have handed us the keys to a Yas Marina Blue M3 and an Austin Yellow M4, with full tanks of petrol of course and their blessing to return the car with baby smooth rear tyres.

New BMW M4 shoot

So I recently had the opportunity to take photos of one of the most anticipated cars this year, the all new bmw M4. The colour I had was Austin Yellow, and what a colour it is! Take a look at how the images came out. Enjoy!